I am an industrial designer and an artist. I am a fan of my work as designer’s activity is the formation of environment of individuals and society. A designer takes an active part in the incarnation of human values in the material world and creation of new values. Designer’s decision determines whether consumer’s functional, ergonomic, aesthetic, and emotional demands are satisfied and the expectations of product owners are met.

My specialization is the design of watch and jewelry. My experience in this field made it possible to synthesize an original vision of product development.

Objective factors are that since time indicators surround humans everywhere, watch began to refer to as User-Driven Products, most of them belonging to the category of luxury products. It is a paradox, but in a great extend, the value of an expensive product is not material and rather is due to its emotional component. The philosophy of design of luxury product includes not only the use of advanced design methods, the so-called design-thinking, but also art mentation, which is a subjective involvement in reality.

As an artist I express my aesthetical and emotional vision of attractiveness, which I love to realize in such precious and complicated techniques as cloisonné hot enamel and oil colors.